Wonderworks (Main site), International Drive, Orlando

(The Outta Control Magic Show Dinner will be reviewed separately)

We spent an entertaining afternoon in Wonderworks, which is located on International Drive, next door to Pointe Orlando entertainment district. As you can see from the photo, the building is quite unique in its décor by being upside down, even creaking as you walk around it as if it is not totally settled on the ground.

Wonderworks on International Drivee

Wonderworks on International Drivee

There is a big range of activities inside which will appeal to all ages, but really does target the younger audience. We certainly found everything was well presented as a whole and you can learn a lot of things while interacting with the exhibits. These include an earthquake simulator, hurricane simulator and disaster quizzes on the first floor.

Once on the second floor, there was a large range of fun activities from bubble making through to a beat the goalkeeper simulator, which yours truly scored 5 out of 5 on the top level.  There was a section about space travel and Abigail got to try the space suit for size.

Abigail trying on the space suit

Abigail trying on the space suit

The top floor hosts a 4D cinema ride which has you sitting in these moving seats in time to an entertaining film of a canyon roller coaster. This was good fun, but you are limited to the one ride. There is also the laser tag game which the older kids, or even the adults who have not grown up entirely, will enjoy. Depending on which ticket your have purchased, a game can be included on the entry price.

There is a rope climbing and hanging bridge experience across the ceiling on this floor. You must ensure you are wearing closed footwear for this as flip flops and such like will not be allowed. This was included on our entry ticket, but our shoes were wrong, so we took a second ride on the 4D film.

We did find that a number of the activities were not working correctly, for example a lights game on the second floor, many of the touch sensitive lights were non-responsive during a two player game we played. We also found the bed of nails was out of action and the shadow wall did not seem to work at all.

While we visited during a quiet day and got a lot of time to spend on the activities we interacted with, if the weather is poor outside and the crowds grow, you might find a long wait for some of activities.

With regards to Abigail and the reason we are reviewing the site in general, the baby facilities were in both the men’s and women’s toilets. They were clean and easily accessible next to the disabled toilet doors.


One comment in looking back at the photographs is that the board does look quite high on the wall in the men’s restroom. This may not be a problem for most men, but possibly might be a stretch for some smaller men.

Access to the site is easy with a stroller and there is a lift to the top floor. However, the lift does carry a notice that access to the 2nd floor can only be achieved by a staff member, so we did have to carry our stroller up two sets of stairs while moving round the building.

Wonderworks will give your family a good couple of hour’s entertainment as an alternative to the theme parks, but we would suggest that you need to be aware that if it gets busy, you may spend a bit of time waiting for activities, but all ages should be entertained.


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