The Meadows shopping centre Chelmsford

We  aim to give honest reviews and feedback on the places we visit, and on this occasion, that feedback was also given to the shopping centre via their complaints system.

while the centre had a baby change facility in the toilet area of the shops, this was probably one of the worst we have seen.

the room was spacious and equipped with two sinks, a toilet and a chair, but was so unwelcoming on several fronts.

1) the room smelt really unpleasant and well used.

2) The side for changing the baby’s nappy was a work top and in not particularly clean state. There was dirt and lumps all over it. Abigail has to be held while we changed her so as she did not touch it.

3) upon arrival at the room, there was a father with an about six year old with him who was changing clothes.

4) Hairs were found on the door lock to the toilet and blood was seen.

5) There was no lock on the door so people kept opening the door up into the corridor while Abigail was being fed.

While not the shopping centres fault, but could be alleviated by putting a lock on the door, with other people waiting to access the room, they kept opening the door and looking in.

All in all, this was a very disappointing visit and certainly not a facility we would be using again.

we have placed a complaint to the centre itself with our findings and will let you know how they respond.


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