Motorway insanity

Since becoming a father, I have become more conscious of how mental other drivers are in the road. Far too many insist on sitting in the wrong lanes on the motorway, refusing to pull over even when there are no othe cars in front of them. These selfish, inconsiderate drivers should be punished because you either have to come out of the slow lane, cut across several lanes to the fast lane to overtake, or you stay in the slow lane and risk being caught for undertaking.

Likewise, those drivers who are either too fast, and just as bad, those who are too slow.  They do not just put their own lives at risk, but everyone around them. In the US they have a minimum speed in the motorways, or freeways as the call them. We should be more strict on this and where a motorway is a maximum of 70, perhaps a minimum of 50 be introduced.

I often wonder how many terrible drivers would show themselves up if I had a camera on the car. But then is anything ever done to prosecute them? I just feel so cautious on the motorways now with Abigail in the car.

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