Marks and Spencer, Lakeside London UK

Today we took a trip to the Lakeside shopping centre near the Dartford Crossing in London, UK.  We needed to buy school uniform for the older children in the family and spent some time in the Mark and Spencer store which offered a far better range than our local store in Chelmsford.

We visited the baby change room which is located on the 2nd floor, next to the Services desk with the toilet facilities.  The room is off to the opposite side of the main toilets and is a very reasonable sized room.  Immediate positives on entering the room were that it was clean, there was a chair for sitting down to breast feed and the door was lockable.

On the flip side, the room felt very dark and drab being decorated in a very sterile grey colour.  It would not take much effort for the room to have been decorated in more entertaining colours and would not feel so cold and dark to the user.  There is nothing to let you wipe the nappy change bed down before using it and while we were using the room, it had run out hand towels in the holder.

There was also a toilet and three nappy disposal bins, so all in all a good effort from Marks and Spencer, but still room for improvement.

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