Enclave Suites 2015: Day 3

On Thursday morning, the music started at about 8.30am, so all hopes of a lay in to recover from the flights two days before was gone out of the window.  Having had breakfast, we decided that we would head towards Disney and make our first visit to the parks having purchased a 14 day pass prior to leaving the UK.

Following what was a long day, especially for young Abigail who had been the centre of attention from many people, including Mickey Mouse at Epcot, we arrived back at the room in the Enclave Suites at about 6pm and found that music volume had been turned up again. We had to endure this for a couple of hours, along with the baby crying and shaking/twitching on every beat in the music.

I had to ask the hotel to turn this down at around 9.15 in the hopes that Abigail could settle and get some rest. The hotel kindly turned the music off, but within minutes, the music was back louder than before.

After about ten minutes, hoping that the hotel had made a mistake turning it back on, I went outside and looked round the pool to find that someone had taken their own speaker system into the pool area and was playing overly loud music. There were other people asking them to turn it down as it was too lou

I again had to speak to reception at about 10pm to complain, and they said security would be called to deal with the matter. Finally, all the music was turned off about 10.20pm, by which time we were all completely stressed and worked up, including the baby who was constantly crying, and resulted another night of lost sleep.

It is hard enough to adjust to the different time zone, especially so for a baby who cannot understand the concept of time, and to be continually tortured by loud, often high pitched steel drum type music was an added stress we did not need.

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