Enclave Suites 2015: Day 5

Saturday 13th June

We started the day with another trip to see the Virgin rep as we had had enough with the whole stay by this point of the trip. We explained that the mattress which had no internal spring structure to it had caused significant pain and stiffness to Gabi’s neck and she was unable to move this for two days, even struggling to get out of bed. This also caused headaches and stiffness during the next couple of days.

A replacement mattress was supplied while we were out for the day, along with a gift basket which contained a bottle of water, a small bottle of diet coke, a small bottle of sprite and a couple of cereal bars. This was returned to the hotel at check-out informing them that we felt it demeaned the severity of the problems we had been enduring, especially that they appeared to be delivering similar gift baskets to other rooms on a regular basis.


Having headed to Disney for the Star Wars weekend, we pretty much missed the main parade because of all the delays in sorting out the room – one of the key reasons for our trip to America.

Upon returning to the room at the end of the day, we found that again the door cards did not work. I had to get these reset by reception while the family waited in the corridor with an agitated and tired baby.

Much to our dismay, we found that although the mattress had been swapped and was more solid, the bed frame was actually bent and collapsing in the middle. Every time you put any form of weight on the bed, it creaked and cracked loudly. This meant that anyone moving on the bed awoke the other and the baby with the intolerable noise it caused.

Yet again, we were unable to get any sleep in during the night.

Even our 19 year old daughter was complaining about growing back pain from sleeping on the single beds in the second room due to the unacceptable quality of the mattresses being used.

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