Enclave Suites 2015: Day 4

Yet again, the music started at about 7.30am waking everyone up. We complained to directly to the Virgin rep and to hotel that this was not acceptable to anyone having to tolerate such loud and constant music, especially with a four month old baby.

I honestly told the rep that this should in no way be allocated as a family room for someone with young children and especially a baby. While it is located next to the pool, and you expect some noise from those using the pool, to have constant steel drums type music from anytime around 7.30 am till around 10pm every night, on a repeated pattern, is not acceptable in anyone’s standards.

After three nights of hardly any rest, let alone sleep, we were feeling totally devastated and frustrated and insisted that we had to be moved away from the pool area.

The hotel agreed to move us again and showed us to room 3405 in Building 3, which on first inspection appeared to be relative clean and tidy. However, as highlighted in the next few articles and photographs and videos, this room proved to be no better than the other room.

Having spoken to the Rep and to the hotel for about 30-40 minutes, we started the process of packing and moving our cases from building 1 to building 3. This took us nearly two hours in total and we finally got to go out about early afternoon missing pre-booked activities for the day again.

Upon returning to the hotel at 10.30pm after spending what was left of the day at one of the parks, we found the bed was totally unusable. The mattress had no structure to the middle section with all the springs having collapsed and any support totally worn away. When laying on the bed, we both kept rolling into each other in the middle. Having tried to lay on the sofa in the main room, I found that this was also totally worn out and could not be sat or laid upon without falling into the inside of it.

This resulted in next to no sleep for myself or Gabi yet again for the duration of yet another night.


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