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SeaWorld, Orlando

As previously announced, we will be heading to Orlando in June and we have already arranged to go to SeaWorld, Orlando’s premier sea life park. …

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Auchen, Budapest

Superstores in Hungary are quite different to those we have in the UK as they all house a number of smaller units with banks, shoe…

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Debenhams Woking.

Today, on our way to the Star Wars weekend at Legoland in Windsor, we stopped in Woking for a drink break at the Debenhams store. With…

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We’re off to Orlando

As well as our experiences of travelling in the UK and Hungary, we are taking Abigail to Orlando in June this year.  This will give…

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Duna Plaza, Budapest

As the local shopping mall to us in Budapest, we make several visits here and despite the closeness to the flat, we still have to…

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The challenges of Ryanair

Having travelled to and from Hungary, we have always used Ryanair throughout the years, despite the numerous challenges they can throw up when you deal…