Abigail herself

Abigail herself

NEWS – Following our recent trip to the USA, we had a very unpleasant experience in the hotel we had selected in Orlando.  We have had to deal with resolving this issues we experienced before we can report on these to you, but we can now start sharing our Orlando experiences, such as Disney World, in more detail.  We have also been testing a number of products we have got for Abigail as she is growing up which we can share with you as well.

Abigail got to try on the space suit at WonderWorks, Orlando.

Abigail got to try on the space suit at WonderWorks, Orlando.

Abigail, now aged six months, arrived in this mad world at the end of January 2015 and has been clocking up the miles travelling across Europe and around the UK, as well as having travelled to the United States this summer.  In doing so, it has meant we have got to see how different the facilities and treatment provided for babies is.

Abigail’s World is here to review and feedback on the places we go and how they cater for babies and young children, the service provided by companies such as the airlines and share our experiences, good and bad, that we face everyday.

And there have been plenty of bad experiences to date already, especially when travelling by air as you will see from the posts,

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